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Westlake Village, California

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Westlake Village, California


Dr. Frank Stainetti has dedicated his life to teaching people around the world how to be a spiritual awakened being. Read more »


Dr. Frank Stainetti

Dr. Frank Stainetti is an author, master healer and spiritual teacher who assists people in their awakening journey to a higher consciousness, healing core wounds and spirituality. Read more »

Dr. Frank Stainetti

The Momentum of Light is a spiritual center for the awakening journey.

Our mission is to:

  • Inform you about awakening, what it means and what is happening within you during this major shift in human evolution
  • Guide you, through the direct experience, to self-empowering illumination and alignment with your greater source energy
  • Help you identify and understand energetic imbalances and how to eliminate them through energy mastery and self-mastery
  • Provide ancient teachings about spirituality, connecting with your divinity, and the living way of LOVE and manifestation


                   The Path of AWAKENING

                890 Hampshire rd. Ste. S

                WESTLAKE VILLAGE,CALIF. 91361



      The Path of CHRIST

Services We Provide...

It is our greatest honor to walk side by side with you as you explore your spiritual nature and who you truly are as a being of great love. The services we offer in support of your awakening journey and self discovery are:

Private Healing Sessions
Spiritual Life Coaching 
Soul Readings 
Evening Meditations
Spiritual Teachings 
Group Awakening Seminars

Our services can be in person, via phone or Skype

What our guests say...

friend 1

"The transformation that occurs for each person is truly life altering!"
Tamaey Gottuso

"As my mental & emotional strpas released, I could feel a spontaneous aliveness in their place."
Gloria Jones


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The Divine Human - a powerful divine communication you don't want to miss!

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