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Marguerite Violassi

Operations Director, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and Healer

Marguerite Violassi

No matter where you are in your life, Marguerite can offer you insight and support during times of discernment as well as times of turmoil. Her spiritual grounding is contagious, and once you meet her, either in person or virtually, you’ll enter her sphere of insight and care. 

Marguerite is a highly creative and vastly skilled light worker. A Certified Spiritual Life Coach, an intuitive empath, divine channel, artist, poet, writer and spirituality thought leader. She has an in-depth understanding of the awakening process and how awakening brings spirituality and humanity into union. 

As an intuitive empath, Marguerite experiences the world, and all interactions, through the language of energy. She thoroughly understands how different energies feel within the emotional, physical and mental bodies and how energy affects a person’s behavior, thoughts, actions and life experiences. Her gifts have enabled her to deeply and personally understand why and how people get entangled in life dramas and patterns of behavior that seem to predominate day-to-day life and block potential.

She is masterful at helping people learn to look at themselves and their life situations and relationships in new and supportive ways. In ways that are both freeing and liberating. Ah ha moments, life changes, and leaps forward are expected when you work with Marguerite. And she supports the process of “you getting to know you” with a loving, kind and gentle embrace. For those whose life is already flowing freely, she will assist you in opening up to even greater experiences of fulfillment and abundance.

Her life passion is to help people take control of their lives, understand and realize their life purpose and find their way to truly knowing who they are as loving spiritual beings, unique and special in their own way. Marguerite will support you in unlocking your infinite potential and finding the answers to questions such as: Why am I here? What is my life purpose? How do I move forward? How do I meditate? What is processing? How do I commune with God and the Divine? What job should I pursue? Whom should I date? What am I afraid of?  How do I realize my dreams in life? What gifts do I have?

Marguerite uses her personal life experiences and divine gifts as an intuitive empath and intuitive healer-guide to motivate and give direction to others. She leads by example and her nurturing and compassionate nature enables her to hold the space for personal exploration while offering and guiding an individual to consider new ways of perceiving and moving forward on whatever path and mission is right for them. Her goal is to help people discover who they truly are at their core and how to live from this place of authenticity. It is a liberating and wonderful experience to connect the dots and move into a new space of greatness and joy. Marguerite is here to help you do just that.

Recognizing her strong calling to do this work, Marguerite chose to leave the world of finance where she held high level positions overseeing millions of dollars. Her CPA and undergraduate degree in business administration served her well in the corporate world, and she carries forth the skills she cultivated in that realm as she serves clients in the spiritual dimension now. 

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Our world is rapidly changing and the movement into greater love, peace, harmony and fulfillment is a beautiful transformation that we can all choose to embrace. Now is your time to return to your source as love and to lead a life of happiness that is driven by you, through you, and for you!