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Dr. Frank Stainetti

Founder and Spiritual Director


The essence of The Momentum of Light can best be described by its founder Dr. Frank Stainetti (aka Michael):

“When I founded the Momentum of Light in 1996, we envisioned it as a worldwide momentum of LOVE and LIGHT that would embody and express its movement through the sacred teachings of self-illumination, self-mastery and energy mastery. Through the recognition and illumination of our soul light we move into a LOVE based existence where peace, tolerance, belief, self-empowerment, fulfillment and unity among all become the living way.”

Our vision is empowered by the love of God, the source of all aspects of creation, great and small.

Dr. Stainetti has been published in Awakenings Magazine, The Sedona Journal of Emergence, and The Healing Journal. He has also been a guest speaker on several radio and talk shows. He authored the book, Soulmerging: The Path of Healing and he produced the CD, Awaken the Power of You. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Neuromusculoskeletal disorders from the University of Southern California Health Sciences. He is also a certified nutritionist and certified in whole food therapy, iridology and applied kinesiology. Michael is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, an empath, and he has a fully opened third eye.

Dr. Stainetti's journey began over two decades ago when in 1993, he had the first of numerous encounters with the Divine. For over three hours he received the streaming of Divine light and love, and a peace beyond understanding. Since that initial moment over 20 years ago, he has continued to experience these Divine encounters on a regular basis.

Dr. Stainetti traveled to over 12 countries where he experienced profound, mystical awakenings in the temples and sacred sites of countries such as: Tibet, Egypt, Peru, England, France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Nepal and the Yucatan. He also attended many sacred and holy Native American ceremonies throughout North America. During group gatherings and private sessions, he brings forth his alignment with God which enables the unconditional love of God to penetrate the hearts and minds of all through his human vessel.

Dr. Stainetti first noticed his gift of healing during his Chiropractic internship at the University of Southern California Health Sciences. Patients began to comment that they felt relief of their physical symptoms after being treated by him. They also cited feelings of a deep sense of peace and love radiating through their bodies as they underwent treatment. They felt burdens lifting and a new sense of aliveness and happiness rising up within them. These experiences were noted each time he worked. Since that time, he has dedicated his life to helping people transform their lives.


Soulmerging Book - The Path of Healing We invite you to read more about Dr. Stainetti, his journey with the Divine, and his mission to help humanity in his book: Soulmerging: The Path to Awakening