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All is Given According to BELIEF

By Dr. Stainetti on Sep 10, 2013 at 01:54 PM in Spiritual Teachings

As we look around our community and further into humanity in general, we seem to find the same theme running through each person's life - The theme of why can't I find joy, love, support, happiness, peace and an abundant, enriching life!

Why can't you find this for yourself? Because you do not BELIEVE it is possible for you!


The Four Bodies of Existance

The Four Bodies of Existance
By Dr. Stainetti on Feb 25, 2013 at 10:44 AM in Spiritual Teachings

Embedded in Leonardo Divinci’s Vitruvian Man is one of the greatest secrets regarding enlightenment. You will notice there are two sets of arms, two sets of legs with a circle and square around the image. This mystical and yet very recognizable drawing is depicting the sacredness of the four bodies of human vibrational existence. The Divine truth within this drawing ultimately reveals the path to enlightenment and the secret of the Holy Grail. Deep to the surface of our human personality and emotional day-to-day conditions is an inner secret that opens the door to not only our spirituality but the workings of the heart and the path to awakening and enlightenment.


Do You Know How to Follow Your Heart? The Nature of Thinking and Feeling

By Dr. Stainetti on Apr 17, 2012 at 09:08 AM in Spiritual Teachings

Life as we know it is changing dramatically within us and all around us. What's changing and do you feel it? Everyone is feeling something powerful and dramatic going on in their life. It is not coming from outside of you but from within you. What is it? It's the evolution of our humanity and our consciousness. The very way we think and feel is changing. It must! The evolution of human consciousness means the end of inner fear and suffering which has everything to do with our thoughts, emotions and the way we feel and act. We have all heard the cliché that you should "follow your heart" but nobody has told us how to do it. Knowing the nature of our human energy is the great secret of the heart!

It's easy to say we are evolving. It's easy to say just follow the heart. But how do we "follow the heart?”