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God Is Accessible 

God Is Accessible
Everyone has an inner longing to understand God and experience Him more fully. This yearning is innate among all humans and remains an unfulfilled desire for most people. God Is Accessible is a comprehensive testimony about Dr. Frank Stainetti’s real life encounters with God and His holy host of emissaries. During Frank’s initial, three-hour experience, God demonstrated His direct connection to each human through their soul light located within the physical, sacred heart chamber of each person. 

As you read this testimony, a sense of familiarity to the truths may come upon you. Page by page, you will gain a new understanding about your uniqueness as an aspect of God, how you separated from God, and how to reconnect with God through your soul light. 

The testimony is miraculous, life changing, and one of the most profound explanations about the relationship and direct physical connection of God to the light and love of your soul, and your physical body.

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