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Sessions can be in person, over the phone or via Skype. 

Soul Reading: $175

Soul readings are not healing sessions. A soul reading is recommended for you if you are wanting to gain understanding or ask questions about your life, your life purpose and spiritual development, jobs and careers, health related issues or concerns, metaphysical or unexplained phenomena you may have experienced, or the driving force or source of what is manifesting your life into joy and happiness as well as where you may be stuck in drama or suffering and pain. This information is provided to you through an auric energy field reading by Dr. Stainetti. Each reading is one hour in length and an audio CD of your session is included.

Single Healing Session: $175

Private Sessions are available for those who prefer to experience the Divine Grace flowing through Michael in a private setting as opposed to our Group Events. The sessions are one-on-one which will allow you to participate in your life changing transformation in your own personal and private space. This is completely for you and you will be given a tremendous amount of information regarding any questions you might have and also what Michael is seeing clairvoyantly as Divine Grace is flowing through him and into you. Each session is 50 minutes in duration.

To understand what you will feel during a healing session, please go to our FAQ’s page. 


Monthly Group Awakening Intensives:

Awakening Intensives $195
3 hours of powerful Divine LOVE energy healing and spiritual teachings

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