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The Day I Entered the Light of Heaven


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SOULMERGING - The Path of Healing

In this book, Dr. Frank Stainetti gives us his inspiring personal story in which Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and Yeshua began to appear to him. They directed and guided him on the path of healing that took him around the world, where he discovered the Light of the Soul. It was during a series of miraculous events that he recovered a Soul Memory that revealed the greatest spiritual secret in modern history! Through Yeshua, the path to enlightenment for all humans was revealed. This spiritual path paves the way to the freedom of mind, the experience of love that remains and the extraordinary ability to access the Divine light within––the ultimate awakening!

The truth of The Holy Grail was revealed by Yeshua. When you allow yourself to open, and when the trust and faith in yourself is great enough, you become the chalice. YOU ARE THE CUP! But the secret has been kept from us. By purifying the vessel (the wounds of the past), you enter self-mastery and directly experience the light of your soul, deepening your connection to God.

Ultimately through Dr. Stainetti, Archangel Gabriel revealed the Divine Plan he calls “The Momentum of Light.” When 144,000 humans enter the Soulmerge, they will usher in “The Second Coming” or the evolution of human consciousness. This evolution of mankind will peak around the year 2015.

Awaken the Power of You CD

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Awaken the Power of You

"Awaken the Power of You” offers new and profound insights into the power of your spiritual nature! As your spiritual path begins to unfold, newly formed “thought and feeling impressions", in the form of energy, begin to communicate with you which result in a greater sense of self-awareness. A self-awareness that was not present before. You will realize you can become interactive with the communication of the heart or soul by feeling more, thinking less and understanding the energetic way your heart or spiritual self communicates. The adventure of self discovery explodes as you learn to recognize these energy signatures. This new "language of energy and light" from your spiritual body and the knowledge within the soul light the way.

The “language of energy and light" guides you in navigating the four bodies of existence and teaches you the ways of higher vibratory "active discernment”. Active discernment, which manifests itself from moment to moment through your feeling body, reveals the living truth that is within you and all around you for any given circumstance. It is communicated though the feelings and thoughts of the emotional body, the mind and the spiritual body at all times. This awareness brings answers to every situation or question about your life - from the mundane daily life challenges to thoughts and emotions that sabotage your life and greater potential and purpose. The day-to-day practice of residing and living from within the feeling body will accelerate the communication with your spiritual nature and you will begin to access the living light within. This living light within is "The Divine Self” and you will come to understand and realize your inner power and the fact that you are manifesting your reality at the speed of emotional thought!

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