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With Marguerite
OUR WORK TOGETHER - $90 for 50 minute session

Holiday Session Special $45- a 50% savings for Nov. & Dec.

Holidays can be challenging because getting together with family can ignite old patterns and beliefs and emotional wounds from early life. Stay on your lighted path with my support, healing and coaching. 

Every person's journey of awakening is unique to them. You are evolving and developing your reconnection to your source as love in a way that is perfect for you. I honor your progress and whatever is showing itself to be seen by you. 

Sessions can be filled with empowering breakthroughs as well as tender inward reflections that draw out certain aspects of yourself long forgotten - both amazing and areas for growth. Our time together will be used to maximize your potential and IDENTIFYUNDERSTANDRELEASEHEAL and REPLACE those beliefs and patterns that stand in the way of your authentic and fabulous life.

Each session is 50 minutes and together we will:

1. Help you learn to truly believe in yourself, know yourself as love and tap into your infinite potential.

2. Let go of the patterns of belief that are blocking you and preventing you for taking control of your life.

3. Understand your life purpose and learn to set goals from your heart, take action through your mind and actualize your dreams.

4. Live life to the fullest so that you are happy to be alive and thriving in life.

We can work together once, for a specific concern or many times. Together, through your inner guidance and mine,  we will plan a coaching schedule that is perfect for you.

Sessions are offered in person or via Skype.

Sessions with Marguerite

1. Who and why are you drawing certain people into your life.
2. How and why you are acting and reacting in relationships.
3. Problems with coworkers and job satisfaction.
4. Understanding Soulmates.
5. Parenting teens and the critical first five years.
6. Family Drama. Who's the black sheep?
7. What should you do with your life?
8. Why you feel stuck.
9. Abusive Relationships and how to heal and move on.
10. How to thrive in life as an empath. Yes, you can go out!
11. Authenticity and Vulnerability.
12. Developing a daily spiritual practice that is right for you.