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Join us for Dr. Stainetti's teaching of "The Living Meditation." The Living Meditation is also known as "The Living Way of Love and the Christ Self." It is a dynamic, inner presence and awareness that becomes an interactive guiding force for all matters of daily life. Its purpose is to monitor inner conflicting emotions, thoughts and intentions, and to balance human patterns of behavior and old beliefs with an ever increasing love or higher vibrational state. It's an evolving state of daily consciousness where the inner, spirit guided self is in continuous communication with your totality of beingness, effecting what you think, do, say, and experience. Your day-to-day life becomes attuned to your guiding soul self or spirit which allows you to know the greater truths for yourself and your life. This inner relationship teaches you what is most beneficial for you in all aspects of your life, from work, to play, to relationships and where to live.  It's learning to live in a peaceful state of inner listening to the soul or spirit self and allowing this listening to drive your behaviors toward achieving all you want and desire for your life.
There are nine major principles or truths that comprise the greater body of teachings within "The Living Meditation." We will explore one teaching during the event.
The events are a combination of teaching and the direct experience of the Divine through music and meditation.
The event is a webinar via Skype.

Dates: July 30 and August 27

Time: 9AM - 12PM

Cost: $195  -  Click to register now

Our Skype name is Soulmerging. Please send us your Skype name so we can send you a contact request. If necessary, we will contact you for a Skype set-up and test run prior to the event.