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What is Awakening?

What Is Awakening?

Awakening is the individualized process of remembering who you are as a unique spiritual being sourced in love. From this innate source of love, you have the ability to create everything magnificent you desire for your life.   

The origin of all love is God. God flows his love outward creating everything including you. Because God created you out of his very source, which is love, you too are love.

Remembering and returning to your true or authentic way of being as love and your innate connection to God, your creator and true father/mother, is a process. Why is it a process? It is a process because over the course of your life you have taken on the beliefs and patterns from your early life caregivers, friends of influence, and situations and relationships you entered into during your lifetime. It is as though you have adorned yourself with layer upon layer of clothing, but the clothing you have adorned yourself with does not belong to you. You have borrowed the clothing of beliefs and patterns from others. The more you borrowed, the more you forgot who you truly are.  

The great news is, underneath all the borrowed beliefs and patterns you are currently wearing is YOU, the real you, the you that is pure divine and innocent love. The YOU that knows how to create your life from your unique aspect of love. The YOU that knows exactly what you want for your life, your purpose, the relationships that enable you to thrive, the right job that brings you joy and fulfillment, and the way to achieve it all. How awesome is that!! 

Awakening is the process of removing, layer by layer, those beliefs about yourself that are not real. You took them on and believed, until now, that they were you. They are not you. They are the beliefs and patterns, I will now refer to as illusions that live in the hidden part of you called your subconscious and unconscious mind. You shoved them way down deep so you could survive and get along in the world. But not anymore. You are here reading and asking and this means you are awakening and shedding illusions of false beliefs and patterns. Great. It’s time to fully wake up and reclaim your birthright as LOVE. And this reconnection to yourself as God-love will change your life in immeasurable ways. You will create and live the life that was meant for you to live - a spectacular and fulfilling life. 

We are here to help you go through the process of awakening. It will take time. Remember, you have been putting on layers of beliefs and patterns since you were born. There is a lot to release. Much of your work will be done in the silence and privacy of your special sanctuary. We will talk about this and set out together to help you work through your awakening journey in a way that is right for you. 

You have been given everything you need to be successful at awakening to who you truly are. We are here to help guide you and encourage you as you walk your own, unique lighted path. Frank and I think of ourselves as a kind of shepherd helping to keep you on your path and to guide you back when you stray. We will ask probing questions that will ignite you into the next and the next layer you are ready to shed. 

Our gifts will help us know what is up next for you to consider and release. As you move along, you will begin to empower yourself with the shedding and rebuilding of beliefs and patterns on your own, checking in as you see fit for assistance with stick points or blockages that we will explore and help you release. 

Awakening is a beautiful process that you must love in order to be successful at letting go of who you are not and fully owning who you – a divine being of love. 

You have been waiting for you a long time. Believe in yourself. You are worthy. You are supported. We are honored to help you!